Upon entering one of the last remaining privately owned, hand-crafted Cuban cigar establishments in Miami, Havana Classic Cigars, you will notice the characteristic aroma of fine Cuban cigars. 


Once greeted, you will be delivered into a private space reserved for exclusive use by your group. The walls are adorned with beautiful works of art from the latest curated works of the Cuban community - typically an artist of local renown or international pedigree. 


Enjoy some fresh Cuban snacks, such as pastelitos and gourmet Cuban coffee from your comfortable seats while learning about the traditional process of cultivating the fine tobacco. Afterward you will be accompanied by your personal guide throughout the site to build your understanding of the practicalities of the modern cigar.


You’ll get a behind-the-scenes peek at the storage and processing, keeping your senses stimulated as you work your way toward the rolling stations.


You’ll also have opportunity to visit the commercial humidor and gain private access, take in the aromas and learn some interesting history of the owner’s own collection. Like a fine wine or aged whiskey, here is where great cigars are stored to mature their flavor.


Keep an eye out for the Master Cigar Rolling Craftsman at work. While it takes about 19 months of study for Cuban rollers to win their certification, there are rollers at Havana Classic with several decades of experience.


Dress the part if you like, with apron and fedora! We challenge you not to smile while you gain first hand experience of what it means to finish a handmade cigar with a wrap.


Next, you’ll try out your own handy work with an instructed cigar pairing. With brandy or with coffee, relax a little and socialize with your fellow travelers. You are very welcome to stay on and enjoy the atmosphere once your session has come to finish.

Private Cuban Cigar Experience

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  • Havana Classic Cigars

    1419 Southwest 8th Street, 33135 Miami, FL USA

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