Wynwood Yards Closed Its Doors

Wynwood Yard Sign - Courtecy of Daniella Mia

Well it was great while it lasted but its not the end of Wynwood. The last day of operation was May 5th, 2019. A day which usually celebrates the workers - especially in countries outside the USA. But as you know, here in the good ole USA, we find any reason to celebrate.

So the Wynwood Yards closing was turned into a celebration attended by those who were regulars at the 'Yard" and of course by visitors in the area who stopped in to celebrate Cinco De Mayo ( May 5th Day ). Although the weather did create a pretty wet setting which actually caused the participating food trucks to close, the party went on. Why? Because if you know anything about the rain in Miami; its tempory despite the torrential down pour that was braved by those in attendence.

But the celebration went into high gear once the rain subsided and the food trucks once again began selling the delicious cuisine that the Wynwood Yards became famous for throughout its tenure in the electic neighborhood. There was a great line up of music which also brought many of the regulars in the past. Especially the night Shakira was in the crowd and surprised the guests with an impromptu performance.

Sadly there was no last standing ovation for the bands that were canceled,becasue of the rain. But hugs, smiles, tears and new phone numbers were exchanged the last day. Even though the Wynwood Yards space was closed, the area remains a must visit place to continue to visit because of the graffitti murals, start up eateries and of course Wynwood's array of breweries. Remember that Wynwood is a major attraction for Art Basel annually. Therefore keep it as an option to get away from the ordinary.

To end on a happy note; the same concept will be available but it will now be known as "The Doral Yard". It will be located in Downtown Doral, Florida ( just another small municipality in Miami). Stand by because it will opensoon...there has been a slight delay.


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