Who was Maximo Gomez, legacy of Domino Park?

Cuba was able to gain its independence from Spaniard colonial rule under the bravery and military leadership of General Maximo Gomez in the War of Independence against Spain, from 1895-1898. While this is well known fact; many people do not know that he fought as a soldier in the Spanish Army in the Dominican Republic, which was defeated in 1865.

After the Spaniards left the Dominican Republic in defeat, Maximo Gomez moved to Cuba and in 1868 took part in the rebel uprising in Cuba against the very army he once served. Gomez led the military campaign in Guantanamo, Cuba to rid the city of the Spaniard loyalists who were the wealthy coffee producers.

You can find this bust in Calle Ocho's Domino Park

A very interesting and little known fact pertains to the kerchief he wore around his neck. General

Maximo Gomez wore it to cover a gun-shot wound which remained open after healing poorly.

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