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Toll by plate or Sun Pass, driving in Miami

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

Despite the year-round warm weather, when it comes to driving in Miami, relaxation might not be the top adjective you'd use to describe local traffic. At some point during your visit you might find yourself parked on the freeway, watching faster traffic shoot by from behind paltry orange plastic barriers and wonder, "why am I parked here and not zooming off to fun there!?!"

Ever feel like you're on a bridge to nowhere?

Using express lanes and tolls

You'll also see plenty of signage up for tolls or toll-by-plate. The savings and convenience might not seem much, but having a Sunpass on your vehicle might make a big difference in the amount of relaxation you enjoy during your visit.

Some stretches of highway do not feature booths, especially the express lanes. You've either got a pass or you don't.

Don't want to drive? What's the best option for an arrival transfer?

It should be an option when renting a vehicle

If you haven't already secured use of a pass prior to picking up your rental, you will be able to add a Sunpass for a small daily fee plus tolls.

If you opted out or drove yourself, you will have three alternatives

1. You can try your luck at toll-by-plate services, understanding that you will receive a larger bill for use of toll routes plus any administrative fees which may come your way.

2. You can purchase a regular Sunpass from many gas stations, convenience stores, or national brand pharmacies such as CVS or Walgreen's. At the time of writing it should cost you about $16.99 + tax and you have to visit their site to register your vehicle and account. This option is a bit more flexible sometimes in that you may swap the transponder from one vehicle to another (not while driving, please!).

3. You can purchase a mini-Sunpass from many of the same outlets. At the time of writing it should cost you about $4.99 + tax and you will again register your vehicle and account. The unit itself is smaller, but the real "mini" aspect might better be labeled, mini-mal flexibility. You can only register these units to one vehicle.

In the end, we'd recommend the means most convenient for you on your vacation.

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