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Cultural Fridays in Little Havana

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Practically every major city has a dedicated day in the month to showcase their city's cultural fare. Well, Miami is no exception when it comes to highlighting areas in this vibrant city. One particular event is called “Little Havana’s Cultural Fridays” or “Viernes Culturales” as the named by the Latin community.

While it all started in May 26, 2000, the event was strictly held by Cuban vendors through collaboration with the City, Chamber of Commerce, business owners and community leaders. Now due to the increased population of residents from South and Central America, you will get to enjoy and experience different cultures as they relate to the countries the vendors proudly represent.

The event takes place the last Friday of the month. It draws crowds of thousands of visitors to Little Havana’s vibrant Cuban community in “Calle Ocho” (8th Street). Once there, visit the areas well known vendors activities such as live music with dancing, dining, and art galleries. The majority of the locales are free with the exception of the Bar Clubs which charge an entrance fee after 9 pm.

Many guest leisurely walk around going in and out of stores to shop an anticipated item or piece of artwork as many local vendors have great offers on this one evening. You will also encounter mini set-ups by local resident’s selling souvenirs and tasty treats.

So, if you happen to be in Miami for the last Friday of the month then we highly recommend you visit the area. Get ready for some fun and truly unique experiences. Try the famous Mojito drink, a Cuban hand rolled cigar, eat at a Cuban restaurant and dance the night away to hot, rhythmic Salsa beats. Who knows, your next visit to Miami might not be the last Friday of the month, so don’t miss out on the event. Here you will experience the best that Little Havana has to offer for entertainment!

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