Where to find hand-rolled Cuban cigars in Miami

One of the last remaining factories in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood

Established in 1996, Havana Classic Cigar is one of the last two remaining hand-rolled Cuban cigar factories in Miami. It's evolved to include far more than just the rolling, however. Renown Cuban artists and their works are presented in the private spaces we've secured access for our guests, as is the walk-in humidor, the city's largest!

With seed stock originating from Santo Domingo and using the highest quality binders and wrappers from Ecuador, the materials themselves present an experience for the senses. You'll know it from the moment you walk through the door that something flavorful is created here.

The site is second-generation owned and employs Cuban hand-rollers boasting years of experience. In their home country of Cuba it takes more than a year and a half of training to become a roller, with the most experienced here at Havana Classic having nearly half a century of rolling expertise under the belt!

What's more, you'll enjoy an instructed pairing with gourmet coffee or brandy. Perfect for relaxing with your travel companions and enjoying the bustle of a busy family-owned business.

Come learn the rich local history yourself and enjoy the multitude of local arts and Cuban culture which accompanies the cigar experience. 


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