Luxury Tours Miami ("us", "we", "our", "ours") accepts your ("you", "your", "yours") booking on the following conditions:


Code of Good Practice

Our mission is to bring better experiences and more comfortable journeys to you, our guests and clientele, to help you find better and more luxurious experiences in South Florida, including the greater areas around Miami, Fort Lauderdale, The Florida Keys, and The Palm Beaches.

We aim to provide our platform in a familiar, easy to use format, and to showcase additional information and ideas for your enjoyment of this spectacular part of the world.


Your Responsibilities

You agree to provide full and accurate contact details for yourself and any other relevant entity in your party, that all information submitted to us is accurate and complete; that you shall contact us directly in order to complete any last minute bookings falling under 7 days in advance.


Introduction to T&Cs

We operate across several platforms and you may find yourself shopping our luxury experiences and transfers on different distribution platforms. The terms and conditions described on our website here at shall supersede any and all terms and conditions featured elsewhere and may be amended from time to time.

General Terms

  1. We will endeavor to fulfill your booking to the best of our ability. Where we are at fault and unable to deliver your booking, we will gladly refund you the full amount of the booking segment(s) in contention. Where a material change is necessary, we will communicate with you in order to offer a suitable alternative to your initial plans and will refund the relevant booking segment(s) if no alternative is found. This term excludes acts of nature, terrorism, war or other regular Force Majeure items.

  2. Any refund or liability shall be limited to 100% of the purchase made with us.

  3. You shall not make any last minute booking where a service provided by us or on our behalf falls within 7 days of the date of payment. Further, you agree to instead contact us immediately via telephone or email to confirm such last minute needs before confirming any travel plans. While we will endeavor to refund such amounts where we are unable to confirm availability with insufficient notice, we may withhold a cancellation penalty amount at our exclusive discretion. We shall not be liable for any loss.

  4. Your booking description will be followed as closely as possible, but you understand and agree that the nature of travel sometimes leads to the unexpected. We will make best effort to ensure an enjoyable experience but may sometimes be required to make small deviations from the route or plan, or substitutions to various items and inclusions.

  5. Should you or anyone in your party fail to show up or choose to shorten your time with us or abstain from fully participating, no refund is payable for any unused booking or portion thereof.

  6. Where your booking has a time and / or place designated for your check in or meeting and you fail to perform such check in or meeting, then no refund will be payable.

  7. Bookings may be made directly on this website or through the various distribution channels we may employ from time to time. Upon full payment, the appropriate number of places on the designated booking will be immediately requested and confirmed pending availability. Please note that some bookings have a minimum number of participants in order to operate as scheduled. Bookings including cancellations which result in fewer than the required minimum participants may result in your booking being canceled. We endeavor to give as much notice as possible if this is the case and will gladly refund the affected segment of your booking.

  8. We use multiple distribution channels which may occasionally result in multiple simultaneous requests for access to our inventory, this may, in rare circumstance, result in diminished capacity and we may be unable to fulfill your booking as requested. We will work with you to find a suitable alternative. Should a suitable alternative not be available, we will process a refund limited to the value of the item of inventory conflict.

  9. We accept no responsibility for any injury to persons except that which we have legal obligation to do so.

  10. We accept no responsibility for any incident, delay or changes to the arrangements which are outside of our control.

  11. You are responsible for your own transportation unless otherwise clearly indicated in the inclusions of your booking.

  12. Your booking does not include food or beverages unless clearly indicated in the inclusions.

  13. You must notify us in advance or immediately following submission of payment for your booking if you have any requirements which merit additional consideration. Such requirements may include specialist equipment, mobility or health issues which may limit your enjoyment or full participation in any portion of your booking but shall not result in a reduced rate or refund to your booking.

  14. Transfers are considered to be one-way and do not include multiple pick up or drop off unless otherwise clearly described.

  15. Neither we nor our fulfillment contractors shall be liable for your property or possessions during the execution of your booking, including if you elect to leave your baggage with your driver or chauffeur.

  16. We do not provide storage unless otherwise indicated on the relevant booking inclusions.

  17. Experience transportation does not include any sort of baggage unless otherwise indicated, you will need to book a transfer to enjoy baggage inclusion. Where baggage is included, baggage is limited to one (1) regular sized piece of luggage per person and does not include oversized or special items. If you require such transportation or transfer service of excess baggage, oversized or special items, please notify us in advance of your booking or you may be liable for additional costs or loss of your booking.

  18. Child seating is not guaranteed to be available and its installation is your responsibility.

  19. If you or one of your party become intoxicated or otherwise cause a nuisance to the enjoyment of others or which presents a threat to the safety and security of on of our guides or partners your booking may immediately be terminated and no refund will be payable.

  20. All payments made for services will be charged to your credit card in US dollars ($). Clients booking using a credit card paid in other currencies should note that they are liable for all costs of such exchange and that exchange rates fluctuate. This means that a refund amount may differ from that of the original charge amount in your home currency.

  21. In the event you dispute a credit card charge with us by filing a charge back notice you’re your respective financial institution, and the charge back ruling is in our favor, then you will be charged an administrative fee of $50.00 per charge back notice.

  22. Many of our tours are enhanced with the delights of various refreshments, some of which include alcohol. Guests participating in such tours will be required to present valid ID in order to enjoy these refreshments. Original documents will be accepted only, no images.

  23. We may provide limited photo and video content captured during the execution of your booking. We do not guarantee the quality nor shall we be liable to produce such content nor be required to make it available, but only offer it as an added benefit for your participation and to help you make better memories.

  24. By making a booking with us you and all individuals and minors in your party agree that our guides and representatives may take photographs and films of you while you are participating in your booking and that these may be used in our marketing and / or publicity material without obtaining further consent or payment in respect of such photographs and / or films.

  25. You are solely responsible for the selection of your bookings and although we will make best effort to describe an accurate account of booking timings and durations, we are not able to control traffic, weather, or other unforeseen events which may cause your delay or have other unintended consequences upon your travel plans. We may make recommendations, but you are ultimately responsible for following the requirements by your airline, cruise provider, or other connecting travel plans which may have an advanced arrival requirement or delayed departure. Please refer to your travel supplier or travel professional for the requirements.

  26. We may make travel and / or lifestyle related suggestions on our site or in our content and media, but you understand and agree that you are solely responsible for your own trip planning and lifestyle requirements.

  27. Promotions are valid for new bookings only, subject to the terms presented both herein and on the promotion itself.

  28. Your booking does not include transportation unless otherwise clearly indicated in the inclusions or if you have included a transportation element among those items in your whole booking.

  29. We reserve the right to revise the applicable taxes, surcharges, and inclusions as may be required from us by our suppliers.

  30. We collect and remit taxes in line with current online sales requirements for the State of Florida.

  31. We reserve the right to refuse, deny and / or cancel your booking where we detect fraud.

  32. All bookings are 100% non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise described in the booking tool used to administer your purchase. Cancellation penalties are administered in relation to the time and date local to Miami, in full-day increments.

  33. Your booking may feature use of another company’s products and / or services and may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

Travel Advisors and other Third-Party entities making a booking on behalf of others or as part of a commercial endeavor are subject to additional terms.


We also remind guests to please drink responsibly. 

If you have any questions, please refer to our Travel Forum FAQ, contact your travel professional, or contact us at