Two travel professionals, friends and colleagues with a passion for sharing new experiences decided that there was more to Miami and Fort Lauderdale than as seen by those being whisked through onto a cruise ship, catching a flight, or otherwise breezing by the delights of this vibrant city; That the glory days of the small group tour are only just beginning - they just need a bit of luxury.


The word luxury means something different to everyone, that's part of the magic and a value we hold dear to our heart - that each moment we create for our guests meets a certain standard of unique value that can't be found elsewhere; by other accounts, an almost literal translation of the word.

That is why Luxury Tours Miami was created, to give you the best experiences available in the city.

We take local common tours of highly visited destinations that are repetitive in scope, but transform them to what a particular niche of clients’ desire.


That desire is to come away from the excursion with a sense of personal fulfillment. It’s achieved by enriching your experience with a comfortable, educationally structured, and unique encounter not available in the medium to large group tours. Oh, but did we mention they're more than just a little fun? We expect you to leave from your luxury experience with a great set of memories.


We believe that your vacation should be regarded as an investment that goes beyond the cost. Invest in your vacation by visiting Miami's hidden attractions with us.


Our group size is consistently smaller than our competitors, even without securing a private experience. This is because we feel the exclusive nature of our tours are best experienced with the undivided attention of your hosts. Further, it fosters genuine, authentic interactions with your fellow guests. Don't waste your day with fleeting interactions, grasp hold of a new friendship with engaging experiences!  


We are of course able to cater larger private groups or make your family holiday more private by slimming down the numbers just for you, simply contact us to share your desires.


Luxury Tours Miami provides you with excursions that consist of land, air, and sea activities so you can see the best of Miami during your stay in this beautiful, vibrant city.


We love you cruise passengers! You really value making the most of your limited time in a destination and Miami couldn't be a more perfect place to do just that! If you've got a few days before or after your sailing, you've come to the right place - many of our itineraries are scheduled with cruise embarkation in mind.


The majority of our packages consist of multiple “must see” and “must do” activities. All without that dreaded feeling of doing too much in too little time. Why? Our excursions focus on quality and not quantity.

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